Below are some answers to questions we get asked along with explanations to help navigate our website and understand the service we offer.


How do I book a Hügaa babysitter?

Register your name and email to create an account. Follow the easy steps to choose the location and date for the booking then input information about your children and any important information you wish to share and finally add your emergency contact details.  You will then need to input your card details so that payment can be taken at the end of the booking, we take those details at booking to help make the process easy.

How do I book a babysitter when staying in a holiday home?

In Location, type 'Holiday Home' and choose the city/town closest to your accommodation. Then for the ''Emergency Contact' section, ensure you have filled in your number (you can type in more than one) and in the box below, fill in the full address of your accommodation so that your babysitter is able to find you. 

What experience do Hügaa babysitters have?

All Hügaa babysitters have strong experience working with children.  We have teachers, nannies and nursery workers as babysitters.  They all are Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and we interview each babysitter as well as follow up their references.  Some babysitters are also first aid trained.

What information should I include in my booking request?

It is helpful for your babysitter to know the name and ages of your children before they arrive, however you don’t have to include their names if you would prefer not to.  We do need to know the ages of your children so that we can determine if it is one or more babysitters that we need to provide you with.  It is helpful for your babysitter to have an emergency contact number in case they need to contact you while they are babysitting.  Additionally, sharing any other important information in advance is helpful.

How many children can a babysitter care for?

To ensure your children are well cared for, we have some guidance for the number of children a babysitter can care for. If you require an additional babysitter, please make an extra booking so that two (or more) babysitters can be sent. Below is a table for the numbers relating to the age of the children. With 5 being the maximum number of children a babysitter can care for.

Age (years)Number of
How do I know my booking has been confirmed?

When a Hügaa babysitter is assigned to your booking, you will receive an email informing you of this and you can login to your Hügaa account to view their profile.

When will my booking be confirmed?

We hope to be able to confirm your booking within 24 hours.  If you have made the booking last minute, we will try our best to find you a babysitter.

Will I know who the babysitter is before they arrive?

Once you have received confirmation of your booking, you can view a profile of your babysitter by logging into your Hügaa account at www.hugaa.co.uk which will include their name, a photo and a profile sharing some information about themselves.

How do I pay?

To make payment easier, we take your payment details when you make your booking.  These details are then used to take your payment once your babysitter confirms the number of hours. The charge is rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. There is a minimum charge of 3 hours per booking (£45).

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment system we use to take payments.

How do I change my booking?

You can log into your account at hugaa.co.uk to update your room number or cancel a booking. If you wish to change the time you would like your babysitter to arrive please contact us

How do I cancel the booking?

We understand that sometimes your plans change and you need to cancel your booking.  To make this easy, you can cancel bookings through hugaa.co.uk. Please login to your account then go to your bookings and cancel there.

What do I pay if I cancel the booking?

The minimum payment will be taken if you need to cancel, which is 3 hours (£45), using the payment details you provided when booking.

Could Hügaa cancel the booking?

We hope this doesn’t happen however if a babysitter for some reason cannot fulfilling the booking then we would email you to let you know and would then endeavour to find a new babysitter.  Once we find a new babysitter for you, we will send a confirmation and enable you to access their profile.  If we are unable to find you a babysitter, no payment will be taken and we will notify you as soon as possible.

Can I tip the babysitter?

If you wish to tip your babysitter, please do so with cash as we are unable to do so through our automated payment system. 

Is it possible to request the same babysitter again?

If you were pleased with your babysitter, you are able to mark them as a ‘favourite’ by clicking on the heart symbol in the booking section of your account at hugaa.co.uk. If you have selected any favourites and are staying in the same hotel or area, you can request that this (or these) babysitters are requested first.  We hope to be able to meet these requests, however cannot guarantee that babysitter will be available so we will then find you an alternative Hügaa babysitter.

How do I contact Hügaa?

If we haven’t been able to help answer your questions in the FAQ section, please get in touch through our contact us page. 

What are the charges over Christmas and New Year?

Babysitting charges are doubled (i.e. £30 per hour) for 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December with a minimum of 3 hours per booking.


How can I become a Hügaa babysitter?

It is great that you want to join Hügaa.  Please complete all the required information through hugaa.co.uk/sitters and submit to us. We will carry out our checks and if successful, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

Once you are approved, you will be able to update your profile, manage your availability and ensure your account is setup so that you can accept work and receive payments.

How do I accept a booking?

Firstly, you choose which locations you are happy to work in. When a guest makes a booking at one of your selected locations, our system will send a notification to babysitters via email.  Click the link button on the email which will direct you to your account so you can login and accept the booking (if you are the first to accept). We operate on a first come basis so the person who logs in and accepts first will get the booking.  The guests will then receive your profile bio, photo and your name so they know who to expect.

What if the guest location is 'Holiday Home'?

The ''Emergency Contact' information completed by the guest should include the full address of your accommodation. Check this carefully before accepting the booking. 

How can I update when I am available to babysit?

Login at hugaa.co.uk/sitters and go to the menu (top right) and click Edit Profile and then Availability to see the calendar for the current and upcoming months (you will be able to see 3 months).  All dates that are blue show that you are available.  If you are unavailable on any of the dates, simply click on that date to deselect it. Once you get a booking for a day, that date will show orange.

What information will the guests be sent about me?

On your hugaa.co.uk/sitters profile, you will see there are blue circles beside some of the information, these show the information that will be shared with the guests (your name, photo and bio). 

Your photo needs to show your face clearly so that the guests are able to recognise you when you arrive for the booking.

What should I write in my profile?

Your profile will be sent to the guests once you accept their booking, this should be brief and informative for the guests.

Guests like to know what experience you have, you may just want to share the most relevant or recent information.  Sharing your interests/hobbies may be a nice way to give the guests some personal information about you. Ensure that the information you share is honest and factual.

You do not need have to share any personal information unless you are happy to.  The purpose of the profile is that the guests know something about you before you arrive.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

There is no uniform for Hügaa babysitters.  We expect you to be dressed appropriately for looking after children.  We would suggest you wear comfortable clothing, which is also smart and appropriate (i.e. no rips in clothing, plain in colour)

Can I accept extra bookings directly from the guests?

We understand that guests want to make extra bookings and are keen to have the same babysitter.  You need to ask the guest to make the booking through hugaa.co.uk.  If they wish to get you to babysit then you can advise them to mark you as a favourite in their Hügaa account and then when booking click to ask favourites first.  

When a guest requests the booking to go to their favourites first, you have an hour once you have received the email to accept otherwise it will be sent to all other available babysitters.

(NB if you do accept bookings directly from the guest, you will have breached your terms and conditions and therefore will no longer be able to accept future bookings through Hügaa)

What happens if I am going to be late?

 It is expected that you arrive at bookings promptly, however if you are going to be late it is important you let the guests know as soon as possible. 

If the location is a hotel, please call the hotel so they can inform the inform the guests. If the guest is in a holiday home then please contact the guest using their emergency contact number. Please also email us so that we are aware and can provide support. 

We want to provide the best service, therefore if you are repeatedly late you will no longer be a Hügaa babysitter.

How and when will I get paid?

Stripe is the method of payment used.  By setting up your Stripe account and ensuring your details are kept updated, you will have payment sent to you following completion of your booking.  You will receive a minimum of 3 hours pay per booking, anything in addition to this is agreed with the hotel guest and you submit through hugaa.co.uk using your login.  

As you are not directly employed by Hügaa and are self employed, the money you receive has not been taxed and you must sort this yourself as required.

If a guest offers to pay you in cash instead, you will need to inform them that their card details when booking will automatically be used to take the payment instead.

(Note: it takes Stripe 7-10 days after your first successful payment is received for your first 'payout' to be made then 7 days for each subsequent ‘payout’)

What will I be paid for Christmas and New Year?

On 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December you will be paid double your usual rate with a minimum of 3 hours.

How do I set up my Stripe account?

Click the link in the payments section of your profile and press the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button.   This will take you to Stripe so that you can create your account which will be linked with the Hügaa account so that you can receive payments. 

The following information is a guide for how you might fill it out.

  • ‘Your Product’

Business description - babysitter

Business website - hugaa.co.uk

  • ‘Account details’

Business address - your home address or business address

  • ‘You, the individual or sole proprietor’

Legal name - your name

Date of birth - your date of birth

Home address - your address

  • ‘Credit card statement details’

Business name - please use your full name so that I will be able to recognise the payments

Customer support phone number - your phone number

  • ‘Bank details’

Complete for the account you would like the money to be paid to - please ensure this is a GBP account

  • ‘Almost done! Save your Stripe account’

Fill in your email and create a password

How do I cancel a booking that I have accepted?

It is vital that you don’t accept bookings unless you are able to commit to them.  In exceptional circumstances, you are able to cancel the booking through your login on hugaa.co.uk but this must be as early as possible.

Please be aware that when you accept a booking this triggers an email to the guest and they then also receive an email when it is cancelled.

Do I get paid if the guest cancels the booking?

If the guest cancels the booking then you will receive 3 hours pay.  You will then also be able to accept another booking.

What happens if the guest disputes the payment?

Hügaa will deal with any disputes and will inform you if there has been an error.

How can I stop being a Hügaa babysitter?

If you would like to temporarily stop receiving any bookings, then you can deselect all your available hotel locations. If you would like to completely remove your Hügaa account, then please email info@hugaa.co.uk

Do I need to have insurance?

We would suggest that you consider having public liability insurance. You would need to arrange this yourself.