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Here at Hügaa, we aim to provide an effortless platform for guests to find the right babysitters while on holiday.  Leaving your children in a new place can be daunting. We've left no stone unturned to ensure that our babysitters are the best professionals to provide peace-of-mind. Our Hügaa babysitters are all highly experienced in childcare, hold enhanced DBS clearance, are reference checked and are interviewed to ensure they are friendly. 

Our name Hügaa, something we often get asked about, is inspired by the Danish word “hygge”. The word means being cosy and comfortable, giving the feeling of contentment.  Something that epitomises our approach.

Whether it is taking a child to the park, sitting in silence so a sleeping baby isn’t disturbed or reading the same favourite bedtime story twenty times; we will do our best to accommodate any special requests!

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Step One

Simple booking

Step by step booking to provide us with the necessary information. No need to worry about an estimated finish time.

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Step Two


Know what to expect in plenty of time for peace of mind


Step Three

Stress free payment

Agree time taken with babysitter for automatic payment completion, charged at £15/hr.

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Step Four

Manage account

Review previous sittings and select your favourite babysitters.

About us

My name is Nicola and I feel lucky to call Bath my home.  I am an experienced primary school teacher and the founder of Hügaa Babysitting. Being new to parenthood and a lover of travel, I launched Hügaa in 2017 to specialise in providing a modern babysitting solution for families whilst away from home.

Nicola Walker — Founder